Our primary goals with our irrigation service and installation are quality, expert service, and water efficiency.

We service on Saturdays for customers who cannot meet on a weekday for irrigation service!!!!

Spring Start-up/Turn-on:

System is thoroughly checked and started up during this visit. Any heads that need to be readjusted, any heads that need to be raised, and any leaky or damaged heads will get replaced. Any backflows (the brass valve piece that sits usually near the house on the outside) or lake pumps that are leaking or are in need of repair will be fixed.  We will make sure that your rain switch (if your system has one) is working properly, and will make any other general repairs. We will also set up and show you how to use your system’s timer if need be. We will inform you of anything needing to be done besides the general start-up and obtain approval before replacing or repairing.

Fall Winterization:

System is winterized. All pipes and heads will have water blown out. We will remove backflow or lake pump and we recommend it be kept in a dry and warm place for the winter months to prevent damage. We will put specialized caps on any open pipes where the backflow or lake pump has been removed to prevent bugs and/or debris from getting in.

Summer Water Saver Maintenance/Check-up:

Your system is used most during the heart and heat of summer. Over time, heads malfunction, leak, and/or simply need to be adjusted. Watering the sidewalk and driveway is simply money going down the drain. Brown spots appear more easily in areas where heads are not reaching. This is an optional service, but highly recommended in hopes of maximizing water usage in the most efficient manner. Just a few small adjustments can easily pay for themselves. System timer is also adjusted to seasonal needs by our technician.

Irrigation System Installation:

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We offer a customized mowing schedule to fit the specific needs of each customer’s yard. Your yard will be maintained with extraordinary quality and service, and always left in the best possible condition.

Our Complete Mowing Service reflects the highest standard of mowing service and includes lawn “striping” and edging.

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We offer a wide range of landscaping services. 

  • Spring and Fall Clean-up
  • Maitenance
  • Pruning and Trimming
  • Mulch, Rock installation
  • Design
  • Renovation and Updating
  • Sod Installation

Ask about our expert landscaping problem solving and efficiency solutions
We also offer low maintenance and mowing friendly solutions.

We Have Solutions For:

  • Landscaping Mold and Insect Prevention
  • Overgrowth Tear Out & Renovation, Updating

Aeration and Overseeding is a service provided from late August until mid October. Core Aeration and Overseeding is the best way to keep your yard healthy year after year. With the harsh summers we have, overseeding is a great option for filling in and renovating your lawn for the upcoming spring growing season.