Diamond Turf Services

Diamond Turf Services has been serving the metro-east for 10 years and counting. It is our mission to ensure that you have the best lawn and landscaping in the neighborhood. We are here to serve your outdoor needs, providing the highest quality service possible. Contact us today for a customized quote.

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Irrigation systems provide you the automation, to ensure that your lawn and gardens are properly watered at all times. They also save money, water, and time. Reach out to us today to find out more about how an irrigation system can help you.


Take the hassle out of lawn care, and remove weekly mowing from your chore list. Our Complete Mowing Service will simplify your life, and make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Looking for a perfectly edged and striped lawn, contact us today.


Allow us to create a custom landscaping plan for your home. Not only is curb appeal important, but enhanced landscaping can provide health, economic, and environmental benefits. 



Lawn aeration will help your lawn stay healthy and full year after year. Whether your lawn gets heavy use, or just needs a pick-me up, contact us for an expert consultation.

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